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Community Solar

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My name is Tom Guzek, CEO and Managing General Partner of SolarPark Energy. I was born and raised in Western New York and am excited to bring your organization a rare opportunity to benefit from a major change in New York State Energy Policy.


As many of you may know, New York State has been on the leading edge of moving to renewable energy as a
replacement for fossil fuels in order to reduce Green House Gas emissions and improve the environment throughout New York State. As part of this transition to renewable energy, the New York State Public Service Commission has created the ability for ALL NEW YORK STATE residents to participate in a solar energy program which does not require residents or businesses to purchase or install solar panels on their properties. This program is entitled COMMUNITY SOLAR. This major change in energy policy will provide significant energy savings to consumers and small businesses...10% of their total SUPPLY + DELIVERY charges on their utility bill. Whether you're a homeowner or renting an apartment, Community Solar eliminates the need to place solar panels on your roof or property while still gaining the long-term benefits of lower energy costs. The community solar farm you're subscribed to will produce energy, which feeds into the electric grid. Your enrollment entitles you to benefit from some of that energy production through deductions on your monthly electrical utility bill.


Here is the exciting opportunity for your organization. SolarPark Energy will provide your organization a $100 donation for each new subscriber that you subscribe to our COMMUNITY SOLAR program. ALL National Grid, NYSEG and RG & E customers qualify, and simply need to agree to become part of our Community Solar program to save 10% on their TOTAL SUPPLY + DELIVERY charges on their utility bill. There are no initial charges, no long-term contracts or commitments. Utility customers simply register with their utility account number to allow SolarPark to determine how much solar energy we will need to supply to you.


To start selling Solar Energy at your next fundraiser, begin by enrolling your nonprofit organization to participate. It's completely free and lets us establish a working relationship. A personalized “landing page” will be created for your fundraiser for people to sign up.


Next it's time to make your community aware of this opportunity. Our solar power is supplied directly through the existing utility, which means there are no upfront costs, no hidden fees, and no long term contracts. Households that sign up are helping the environment, while saving 10% in energy costs.


Finally, it's time to start selling at your fundraisers. Selling Solar is easy! When your nonprofit agrees to participate, a custom landing page is created for your organization’s website. Simply send prospects to your page where they can register. Changing over to Solar Park Energy will provide cost savings to the homeowner or renter while providing your charity with a $100 donation per utility customer that enrolls in the program!

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Thomas J. Guzek

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