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SolarPark Energy was created in 2015 as a result of energy policy changes made by the New York State Public Service Commission. These changes created a new energy model for New York State called Community Distributed Generation or CDG. This new policy allowed for the construction of Solar Parks of Solar Farms throughout New York State which would generate large amounts of clean, environmentally friendly solar energy that could be interconnected with the existing utility and distributed through to residential and business customers throughout the region near to where the generating facility was to be constructed. This new policy would eliminate the need for a customer to place solar panels on their roofs or their property, yet still get the benefits of lower energy price and the contribution of reduced green house gases.

Thomas Guzek, an entrepreneur in renewable energy development, along with his investors and partners saw a great opportunity to bring the benefits of this new energy policy to a focused area of Western, Central and Upstate New York. SolarPark Energy strongly believes that Community Solar will help the residents and businesses in this part of the state with lower energy costs and the elimination of harmful CO gases from power plants powered by fossil based energy sources.

Over the past 4 years, SolarPark Energy has been instrumental in guiding improvements in the initial CDG policy and has been successful in initiating the development of over 60Mw of Community Solar projects in Western and Central New York. Over the next 5 years, SolarPark and their partners have a goal of adding projects that will bring an additional 250Mw of Community Solar to Upstate New York communities. This will be enough energy to supply nearly 65,000 residential homes, apartments, condos, small businesses and other energy users. Most importantly, it will have a significant impact in improving the environment by reducing CO² gas emissions generated by coal and gas power plants throughout New York State by over 51,150,000 Metric Tons. This is equivalent to removing the emissions of over 11,000,000 cars and trucks from the highways of New York State annually.


A SolarPark™ is an optimally located remote solar generating station. The power generated at the local station is distributed to users in the community located near to the SolarPark™. The solar power generated from each 5Mw  SolarPark™ is connected to the existing utility wires and delivered to approximately 1,350 to 1,500 homes, apartments, businesses, churches or other electrical power users in your community.


By agreeing to purchase energy from the SolarPark™ in your community, you will replace the current “brown power” or fossil energy generated from the large scale utility power plants using oil or gas, to super clean, environmentally friendly energy from the sun.

The SolarPark™ program allows you to get all of the savings and benefits of converting to solar energy without the hassles of placing solar panels on your roof or property. You get long term energy cost savings as well as contributing greatly to the environment in your community. Each SolarPark™ will reduce the Green House Gases emitted into the environment by 6,150 Metric Tons of CO₂ gases or the equivalent of taking 1,350 cars and trucks off the highway.

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